Mahima Agencies

The Mahima Group is a full-service financial solutions company dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in need of loans and financial services. Their knowledge spans the entire spectrum of financial services. They are Pune Industrial Loan Providers. They are one of the fastest in the business with an average turnaround time of 15 days.


Services Provided

Full Custom Website Design and Development

We were able to modernize their design using their updated branding guidelines. There is now a cohesiveness between the colors and design on their printed materials and on their website. We recommended simplifying the language throughout the site to make it easier for the reader to scan and digest. We have created a website that communicates services and expertise, and establishes the brand as a trusted authority in the financial industry. Mahima Agencies is now able to accurately educate clients on its diverse set of offerings. The end result is an increase in customer and employee satisfaction.